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A safe shore where you can unpack, make repairs, and find your compass.

Welcome, and thank you for visiting Customised Counselling. I work with adult individuals on an open-ended basis or for an agreed time period, for therapy, dilemmas, psychotherapy for training.

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Customised Counselling Image

A confidential place, where you can be free to voice what's on your mind.

I have been practising in the NHS and in private, and I appreciate that it is not easy to talk about personal feelings that may find their way into, for example, anxiety, depression, high expectations, troubled self esteem, or relationship conflicts. I am committed to providing a confidential place, where you can be free to voice what's on your mind.

There are times when we need help with crises or distressing experiences. We may struggle with things that feel overwhelming or confusing. At other times we may find that we harbour conflicting desires and values, or we do things that seem to be out of character or resist our will to change. There are also times when we wish to make sense of our motivations and choices in life. Such times touch on how we tick, getting to know ourselves better.

So, the meetings can be about: therapy, personal dilemmas and values, psychotherapy for training, supervision.

Have a look around the website to find out more about the insight talking therapy, some answers to your questions, and how I can help with what matters to you.

On the pages 'Approach & Qualification' and 'Food for Thought' you'll see further information about the approach for counselling and psychotherapy. The page 'Food for Thought' and the imagination also contains news about events and exhibitions for a holiday of the mind.

How can counselling and psychotherapy help you?

Perhaps you wish to come about difficulties with:



Depression & its opposite




Self Esteem and Confidence: Am I good enough?

Who am I? What am I doing with my life?

These are some of the familiar hooks on which we hang our complicated feelings, and talk about them. But do they capture adequately how we truly feel?

What matters is what each of us makes of such experiences. It takes a special kind of listening to appreciate how they affect us. What do they mean to you? Do you keep things hidden? How do you wish to change?

Counselling helps you unburden, clarify, question, explore options. It tends to focus on specific issues.

Psychotherapy has a broader, deeper extent, to help you become more aware of why you feel as you do. It may sound daunting, but originally it meant attending to one's life or soul.

I work with individuals on an open-ended basis or for an agreed time period, with the aim of helping you to find a sense of proportion by understanding yourself better.

For more information on psychotherapy and counselling see 'Approach & Qualification and 'Food for thought' pages.

My Approach

I have found it helpful to work with talking therapy and imagery to get in touch with aspects of ourselves that escape our attention.

With a deeper appreciation of what makes us tick, we can gain an insight into our closely-guarded feelings and ideas.

I offer a caring place where you can be safe to voice what matters to you. It’s a time when you can be free from the pressures to perform or only think positively, when you can reflect with honesty.

To read more about me and my qualifications visit my, 'Approach & Qualifications' page

Customised Counselling Image
Customised Counselling Image

Ways of Meeting

I offer a confidential place where you can be safe to bring what matters to you. We can meet in-face with FaceTime or in a similar way on Android.

Consulting room:

In London W1, it is near Oxford Circus station.

In London SE1, it is near London Bridge.

In Hertfordshire, in St. Albans.

Get in touch

Feel free to email me with your query or to arrange an initial

consultation. You can also call me on 07810 195227 if you would prefer to leave a message.

At a first consultation we can discuss the issues you'd like to bring, your individual needs, questions about the work, and options of arranging it.

It is not a formal assessment. Rather, it is a time for us to listen to what has brought you here, and have a chance to think about the next step. We'd also discuss the fees, but for this initial consultation there is no charge.

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