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Personal Approach

I have found it helpful to work with talking therapy and imagery to get in touch with aspects of ourselves that escape our attention. What we hold unconsciously can influence what we do, but in ways that feel hard to control:

  • Patterns and relationships from the past,
  • Desire to change our present situation,
  • Hope for a new future resolution.

With a deeper appreciation of what makes us tick, we can gain an insight into our closely-guarded feelings and ideas, such as:

  • Being stuck, or at life's crossroads, looking for new ways forward, wanting to change work-social-family-personal life.
  • Having the sensation that life is void of meaning, close to being empty, a disappointment, without direction.
  • Things that we cannot admit to friends, family, or even to ourselves.

I offer a caring place where you can be safe to voice what matters to you. It’s a time when you can be free from the pressures to perform or only think positively, when you can reflect with honesty.

Customised Counselling Image
Customised Counselling Image


I have experience with such work since 2000, in NHS departments of psychotherapy 2 years at St Albans and 19 years at St Thomas’ Hospital, and in private practice.

Working with Psychoanalytic and Jungian orientations: have a look at the page 'Food for Thought' for some useful descriptions of what these are.

Member of The Guild of Psychotherapists, London, a leading training organisation, which has been advancing a pluralist Psychoanalytic course (4-5 years) since 1974. The Guild was one of the organisations that founded UKCP/CPJA. I continue to be a member of the Ethics Committee, having served as Chair for 8 years.

Registered Psychotherapist Clinical Member of the UK Council for Psychotherapy (profile on UKCP), in the Psychoanalytic and Jungian section (CPJA).

Earlier, counselling skills training at the Westminster Pastoral Foundation (WPF), London.

PhD, University College London.

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