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Training & Supervision

Psychotherapy offers a form of self-knowledge, an understanding. In this way, personal therapy has become part of professional learning in the field. So, you may wish to come as part of a clinical or an education course, or for professional development.

Courses may ask for a psychoanalytic, psychodynamic, Jungian perspective. Other courses may not specify.

I offer personal therapy for training, supervision in these orientations:

  1. For you to learn first-hand what it feels and means,
  2. To help you become more aware of yourself,
  3. support you through the training.

I believe that training can promote the sense of authorship in the student. Psychotherapy work involves a lot of personal commitment, and the supervisor should be able to recognise this tension in the trainee's way of practising. On the one hand, we tend to learn by example, by valuing knowledge from tried & tested experience. On the other, we benefit from encouragement to develop our own ethos.

Customised Counselling Image
Customised Counselling Image

Something of Interest

You may like to read about the value of guilt and shame in the paper "psychoanalysis and the idea of a moral psychology." It was written by the philosophy professor (University of Chicago) and psychoanalyst Jonathan Lear, presented as a memorial to Bernard Williams (moral philosophy, Universities of Cambridge, Oxford).

An online source for Jungian material is the CG Jung Page.

It features a library of publications, including this Introduction to Jung by Frieda Fordham (Pelican book) with a foreword by Jung.

On the conception of the unconscious by the German Idealists and Romantics, read Thinking the Unconscious (Cambridge University Press).

For a reflective handbook on psychoanalytic topics,

see the The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Psychoanalysis.

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